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Our product is simple and easy to use. Just a download away, as soon as you download this app, you’ll be introduced to a whole new world of unimagined possibilities.

Our Customers

Individuals who want to send personalized greeting/invitation or other types of cards, working people carrying business cards, marketers looking for new and more efficient ways of marketing, , businessmen who want to put innovation in their work, and any person who wants a better view of this world - in short, everyone. Try us, you won’t regret!


Unlike all other companies, we aim at both bulk and independent uses. In fact, we are completely flexible according to our customers.


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Add Media

Add any type of media to anything that is printed.

Add Virtual Buttons

Customisable buttons to add to your print.

Add Basic Buttons

Add to contact, Share on WhatsApp, Download an app, View a website, View a youtube video.

Add Social Buttons

Facebook profile or pages, Instagram profile, Twitter profile, other social media links.

Add Media Buttons

Play/stop the audio and videos, Change slides etc.

Direct View

No signup required for viewing the AR materials other people have uploaded. Just download the app and start viewing.

Open a link

Click on a phone number, email id on your smartphone and connect directly.

Intuitive Statistics

Know the exact numbers that viewed your uploaded media through our app. Understand the difference we made in your business.

Connect with us

Connect with us directly through our app. Our team will hear all your queries and will try to provide solutions as soon as possible.

And much more!

Remember, everything is customisable and flexible for the best experience of our customers.

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CardView is under development process. If you would like to be among the first to know when CardView is ready, just tell us your email address.

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